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Aids Hiv / Aids Essay - 1330 Words

Lauren Kennedy United States HIV/AIDS Part 1: Background of Topic: What became later known as aids was detected in West Africa when scientists identified a species of chimpanzees that had a version of this virus in their immune system. They later found out that the disease was transmitted to humans and created into HIV when people hunted these animals for food and came in contact with their infected blood. Decade after decade this illness swooped over Africa like a blanket and began to spread to other countries. The first case of aids was in 1959 when a man’s blood sample was contaminated with HIV. What we didn’t know was how he became infected. â€Å"Genetic analysis of this blood sample suggested that HIV-1 may have stemmed from a single virus in the late 1940s or early 1950s.† Cited from The Aids Institute online. Estimated to start since 1930 now every nation has been corrupted with this illness already killing 21.8 million people since the epidemic began. The infection spread so quickly from our inability to know how you are able to get the STD and our unawareness that it existed. It is spread through sex (body fluids), breast feeding, and sharing injected drug equipment, manly needles. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation. â€Å"There were 35.0 million people living with HIV in 2013, up from 29.8 million in 2001, the result of continuing new infections, people living longer with HIV, and general population growth.† Part 2: United Nations Involvement: Over the decadesShow MoreRelatedHiv / Aids And Aids1472 Words   |  6 PagesHIV/AIDS is the major ongoing issue attacking sub-Saharan Africa. The damage caused by HIV/AIDS strips families, communities, and increases poverty. In Kenya, the plague has mainly targeted those in the fertile and reproductive age groups. According to estimates by the United Nations of AIDS (UNAIDS), â€Å"Indication of 22.5 million people were living with HIV in Africa, over 1.6 million people were estimated to have died from this syndrome, and well over 11 million children have been orphaned by AIDSRead MoreHiv And Aids : Hiv / Aids Essay924 Words   |  4 Pages2.1 HIV/AIDS HIV is a latent virus that attacks and compromises the immune system and exposes the body to diseases and infections. AIDS is a disease of the immune system caused by a retrovirus known as HIV that makes the individual highly vulnerable to life threatening infections and diseases such as TB (FANTA, 2004). 2.1.1 TRANSMISSION OF HIV According to FANTA, there are three primary routes of HIV transmission; 1) Unprotected sex with a person carrying the HIV virus. 2) Transfusion of contaminatedRead MoreHiv And Aids : Hiv / Aids2900 Words   |  12 PagesGlobal Health AI Global Fund Project Assignment #7 Country: Uganda Disease: HIV/AIDS 1.) Provide a brief introduction to your overall plan and strategy for this proposal. Uganda used to be one of the most prevalent cases of HIV with around 18.5% being infected in 1992 to its lowest rate of 6.4% in 2005 . Even though the HIV rate is increasing at certain rates amongst adults Uganda has done a good job of keeping the HIV prevalence at a generalized rate. This stems from Uganda recovering from numerousRead MoreHiv Aids And Hiv And Aids1246 Words   |  5 Pages HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus (Avert). It is virus that attacks the immune system, our body’s defense against disease (Avert). Individuals who become infected with HIV will find it harder to fight infections (Avert). HIV is located in semen, blood, vaginal and anal fluids, and breast milk (HIV and Aids). The most common method to become infected is through anal or vaginal sex without a condom (HIV and Aids). Other forms of contraction include using infected needles/ syringes, fromRead MoreHiv / Aids And Aids1356 Words   |  6 PagesJust about two decades ago, HIV/AIDS pandemic was the only thing that is mentioned in social media (Gus â€Å"Introduction to HIV/AIDS†). Proved to be originally from Sub Saharan Africa (S.S Africa) region, HIV/AIDS has spread throughout not only the S.S. Africa, but it eventually becomes the global disaster in the late 20th century (Gus). HIV/AIDS has gained attention from the media when the death many patients by the new eme rging disease is reported in Europe and US (Satpathy 27). However, these casesRead MoreHiv / Aids And Aids Essay791 Words   |  4 Pages 1.INTRODUCTION There is a global trend that HIV/AIDS has prevailed the globe. According to the UNAIDS, at the end of the year 2015 there were approximately 36.7 million people around the world infected with HIV/AIDS including the estimated 2.1 million individuals worldwide who were newly infected in that year. The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that a limit of 54% of HIV/AIDS individuals know that they’re infected. It also indicates that two thirds of the reported caseRead MoreHiv / Aids : Hiv And Aids892 Words   |  4 PagesHIV/AIDS is a virus that has been going around for many years. Most people do not really know what HIV stands for. HIV is a Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV attacks the part of your body that fights disease better known as the immune system. The virus makes the immune system shut down and stop working. The immune system shutting down is the worst part about HIV not having any signs or symptoms to notify you of the virus is the worst part. M ost people that have HIV looks health and only knewRead MoreHiv / Aids : Hiv And Aids1484 Words   |  6 Pagescurrently facing is HIV/AIDS. The disease has been plaguing South Africa as well as other countries throughout the continent. The initialism HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. This disease attacks and destroys the infection-fighting CD4 cells of the immune system. Loss of these cells makes it difficult for the body to fight infections. Without treatment, HIV can gradually destroy the immune system and advance to AIDS. Human immunodeficiency virus is a multistage disease and AIDS is the most advancedRead MoreHiv And Aids : Hiv / Aids Essay1186 Words   |  5 PagesWe Live In: HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS has been named a global epidemic because of its many outbreaks around the world. This is not happening on one state, but it is happening in every state and country you could name. It has been a major cause of death in the world, which results in the situation becoming a public health concern. It poses a risk to future generations. The most affected generation being the most active age group, which are the younger ones who are not protecting themselves. HIV is short forRead MoreHiv / Aids : Hiv And Aids1532 Words   |  7 PagesHIV/AIDS What is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)? AIDS is the disease that an individual with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) has a chance of getting when their immune system becomes so damaged, opening up the body to many different illnesses. According to medical research not everyone who has HIV will in fact be advance to the final stage of the disease, especially when caught and treated early on. For someone to be diagnosed with AIDS typically they would have contracted an infection

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